Hello and welcome…

I’m guessing you’re feeling stuck

Things aren’t going the way you’d like them to.

You may have been in multiple relationships, perhaps with a narcissist or other relationship patterns that keep showing up again and again. And now, you realize it’s time to heal yourself so you can attract the RIGHT relationship.


What I want for you…

I’ll help you get on track faster than you can on your own.


I help women heal their heart and get the confidence and clarity they need to attract the relationship they want.

I know what it’s like to have failed marriages and relationships, including with narcissists. So I’ve taken my experience and expertise as a transformational life coach and clinical hypnotherapist to help women empower themselves and create the life and love that makes their heart sing.

And what fills my heart is helping women to get excited about getting unstuck, getting into alignment and living a life they’re meant to.

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Let’s help you get results now.


⭐️ As a former top analyst for a major bank for 22 years, my zone of genius is helping you go deep to heal the past and get clarity on your direction.

⭐️ As a clinical hypnotherapist I use guided meditation and visualization techniques that use the most powerful part of the mind, getting results FASTER than with anything else.

⭐️ My transformational life coaching tools and intuition ask the RIGHT questions to get the focus and confidence you need to create a life that’s meaningful to you.

It’s time to get the outside help you need to see the things that you cannot with the tools that will take you there fast. It’s what high-achievers do.

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