Hello Gorgeous…


I’m guessing you’re a woman who is wise and single…

By that I mean, you weren’t born yesterday, and you’ve got allot to offer the world.

But, maybe you’re having to learn to do new things that you haven’t done before. You may feel that you’ve wasted years of your life and should have left a relationship earlier.

Perhaps you’ve lost friends, and you’re having to find new ones.

Your finances may have changed if you were married before, and that’s a big adjustment.

Dating can feel bizarre and weird when you’ve been out of the dating scene, and you may be feeling uncomfortable.

Or you may be okay on your own, but you’d like a companion, and you’re struggling to find the right relationship. And you may feel unattractive because you’ve changed. 

Trust can be an issue after the experiences you’ve had.

I get it. I’ve loved and lost, and had to find my identity and happiness again. (A few times, actually.)


My mission is to help you to be empowered and awesome on your own, AND to feel so aligned with yourself that you actually attract the right relationship if you want to.

What I want for you…

I’ll help you get on track faster than you can on your own.


I teach you how to reconnect with yourself, heal the past and love who you are so you can happily be single or have a healthy relationship.

With spiritual life coaching and intuitive guided meditation I’ll help you find the joy within instead of searching for it outside yourself.

Let’s help you to be Wise And Free


⭐️ As a former top analyst for 22 years, my zone of genius is solving the mystery of what’s really going on in your heart and soul.

⭐️ As a clinical hypnotherapist I use intuitive guided meditation to help you heal the past, and finally move forward with confidence FASTER than with other techniques.

⭐️ My intuitive life coaching tools help you create a joyful transition to a life that’s aligned with who you REALLY are.

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