Feeling stuck?

Are you ready to be free of the negative patterns in your life and feel lighter, clearer and in alignment?  

To Create an Abundant Life that Works on Every Level:


Hi, I’m Kathleen…

I’m an award-winning mind-body wellness author, clinical hypnotherapist and a “get unstuck now” kind of coach. 

My mission is to teach people how to use the most powerful part of their mind to heal deep emotional blocks, be free of limiting beliefs and get unstuck from toxic patterns that are not allowing them to live their best life.

👉You’re Fed Up With Feeling Stuck

👉You Have A Strong Desire To Improve Your Life

👉You Know There’s Abundance There For You But You Don’t Know How To Tap Into It

That’s Where I Come In…

Get out of your head and into your heart…

The shift needs to be on a deep level. You can talk about making positive changes until the cows come home, but until you have the right tools from someone who knows how to go to the subconscious level (the powerhouse of your mind), then you’ll just keep spinning your wheels.

It’s what I help my clients do… through virtual coaching, programs and retreats. I’ve helped them with weight loss, eating disorders, improving their business results, figuring out their passion in life and more… 



⭐️ I’m highly intuitive, and I can give you insight that you’re not able to see on your own so you can get unstuck.

⭐️ I’ve had more than my share of challenges in life, and have had to do the inner work to create the life I want and deserve.

⭐️ As a clinical hypnotherapist, I use effective meditation and visualization techniques that allows you to connect with your subconscious mind so you can heal, get out of the vicious cycle and get the clarity you need to create your amazing life.


👉 I work with a limited number of clients, and I want to make sure that working together is a good fit. Schedule a Power of Possibilities call.

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