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3 Deadly D’s: Diets = Deprivation = Dis-empowerment

Die-its seem like the logical answer to our prayers; a quick way to get the results we’re craving and hope that it will last.

But, it never does, and it can mess up our metabolism in the process, causing us to gain even more weight later.

There’s a much better way. And this is more empowering, less stressful, and actually LASTS.

And in times of trouble, and falling off the wagon (such as during the holidays when there’s lots of high calorie foods around), it’s much easier to get back on track.

The thing is, we all know know when we’re doing it. When we’re over indulging, but we do it anyway.

We do this because we’re driven by the subconscious mind, which is 87%, and therefore it’s running the show.

It’s reminding us on a deep level that we have that craving, that emotional need for some type of salty, sweet, crunchy, or whatever food it is that we desire on a deep level.

It’s reminding us of the time when we were little that mom gave us a cookie to help us FEEL better.

It’s reminding us of the habit of having a certain fattening food at a certain time of day.

This is because OUR HABITS, EMOTIONS, AND MEMORIES are at the subconscious level.

So how do we deal with that powerhouse that’s taken over our lives?


Diets are working against it, and we wonder why we fail, time and time again.

To take the first step, we need to stop analyzing (a very conscious thing) and start relaxing. THAT’S how we go deep.

And when we do that, the stress (which leads to eating in an unhealthy way) starts to melt a way.

And then our emotions can level out. We’re able to let go of fear, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions that also drive the eating.

The next step is to use our imagination. That’s because our imagination is also at the subconscious level.

That’s why we dream when we’re fully relaxed and sleeping. That’s why we daydream when we zone out.

But we can GUIDE that imagination (that daydreaming) in the direction we WANT to go in.

That’s what guided meditation is for.

So to help you to relax and imagine in the RIGHT way, I’m offering live guided meditations in my free Diet Free Living group. Join us HERE.

Lots of Love,

Kathleen xxx




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