It’s hard when you’re confused about your direction and life purpose, and when you’re afraid to leave behind the identity you’ve know for years, not to mention the benefits and the financial security.

You know there’s something more out there, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what that is, AND those pesky blocks in the back of your mind such as fear and insecurity hold you back from creating something of your own. You might also have a spouse, friend or family member telling you what they think (which isn’t necessarily what you want to hear.)

I get where you’re at because I was in corporate for many years, doing something that I was good at, but I knew I wanted something else. Something I was really passionate about.

Ultimately, I took the scary leap from corporate after 22 years with the same company to pursue my dream, and it wasn’t easy.

The fears, the insecurities, the limiting beliefs AND the lack of total clarity were blocking me from going after what I really wanted. So I spun my wheels for a few YEARS, and wasted time and money.

That’s why my passion is to help you avoid those pitfalls with total clarity and a strategy. I can also help you create something that’s uniquely yours, and put a plan in place for your next steps.

What sets me apart from the herd:

There’s my left-brain business analyst side with a business degree and a few businesses under my belt, in addition to my right-brain “woo-woo” intuitive side of transformational life coaching and clinical hypnotherapy.

I teach you how to use your “Horsepower” (subconscious mind) for faster results. This is part of my unique, branded MUSTANG Mindset™ system so you can “Rev Up” Your Freedom Horsepower.

Most coaches only work at the conscious level, and that’s only 13% of the mind. The subconscious mind is the other 87% and is a million times more powerful. If you’re not working at that level, you’re totally missing the boat on how to get clear, get unstuck and do the work that lights you up.

I’m Kathleen Nightingale. As an intuitive life coach, award-winning author and clinical hypnotherapist, I help burned out corporate professionals create dream lives and businesses by helping them:

  • Get clear on their passion and purpose

  • Move through the fear and other blocks that are holding them back

  • Create balance and more joy in their life

  • Learn how to use the most powerful part of their mind (their “Horsepower”) to get to where they want to go faster with joy and ease

  • Be in alignment with their passion and purpose, so they can create the career or business that’s authentic to who they are.

  • Create a plan that works for them.

I believe that everyone can live their purpose with abundance – the real challenge is getting clear on the next steps.

Because when you discover the clarity you need, you’ll know the exact direction to go in to live your dream life.

When you work with me, you get access to everything I know about how to shape your success by shifting your mindset.

As we work together, I’ll encourage you to challenge your fears, get clear on your direction, and give you the tools and support to achieve the life you’ve imagined. 

By the time our work together is done, you’ll know where you want to go, what steps you need to take, and you’ll have complete confidence in yourself with no doubt the Freedom, Purpose and Abundance you desire is coming to you.


22+ years working my way up in corporate…

I was proud of the work I did; analyzing large companies for multi-million dollar loans. Yet, I yearned for something more.

For years I went to work feeling like I was wearing a pair of shoes that were a size too small. Although I was good at my job, it just didn’t feel authentic to who I was.

I wanted to make a positive impact on the world…

But there I was: Watching the clock, getting to work late every day because I wasn’t motivated or inspired, and thinking “so I’m just going to do this for the rest of my working life, then I’ll retire and ultimately… you know… go to the great beyond.”

I didn’t want my tombstone to read “she had a great 401k”

So I studied life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, and other mindset tools. I read the great books on mindset such as Think And Grow Rich and books on discovering your purpose.

And for years I felt that “nudge” to move on and help people with my gifts for seeing things that they couldn’t, and to use my intuitive abilities to help them get unstuck.

Leaving the security of a well paid job was scary, but I took the leap…

My beliefs around money, my belief in myself, a lack of clarity and sense of direction, a debilitating fear of change, and other mindset blocks prevented me from being in alignment with my true self and living a life of abundance on every level.


Suddenly I kept repeatedly getting stuck. The lack of self worth, money fears, and not being crystal clear on my direction held me back.

It affected my income, my success, and my happiness.

After working with clients and realizing the tools I was using (from my training, life experiences and intuitive abilities) were working so well, I put them all together and created the Mustang Mindset™ system.

With these tools, I’m able to be free to live a life with clarity, purpose and abundance; to have the freedom to live a lifestyle that I’m truly in alignment with because I’m in my Zone of Genius.

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve written an award-winning book on the mind/body connection, inspired people through speaking on the power of the mind, and changed lives with intuitive life coaching and clinical hypnotherapy that has helped clients get past the blocks that kept them stuck for years.

Now I want to help YOU to be in alignment with your purpose, experience freedom from being stuck in a life that isn’t authentic to who you are, and to enjoy the abundance you deserve.

I invite you to join me on the journey. The journey within, that will take you to new heights to living with passion, purpose and freedom.

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Kathleen with Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Kathleen with high performance coach and best selling author Brendan Burchard.