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Are You Going To Get Through The Muck Or Stay Stuck? (Video)

In clinical hypnotherapy, I had people that came to me wanting me to waive a magic wand and make them get rid of 50 pounds of weight, or whatever their goal was, because that’s what they thought hypnosis was all about. What they DIDN’T get is that All Hypnosis Is Self Hypnosis (as we say in the biz).

So YOU’VE got to want to do the work, and get through your muck: The fears, anxiety, emotional healing – all of it! You have to be willing to go deep and discover what’s holding you back, and work through it.

That’s life in the big city (or the big country – wherever you are!)

The point here is that yes, you CAN definitely make the changes you want to make – if you’re willing to take a look within yourself. I can help you. I can help to empower you, and show you the tools, but you have to be willing to do it.

If you continue to look outside yourself, you’ll continue to stay stuck in the muck. Because the true answers, and the traction that allows you to get out of the muck, is going to be an INSIDE JOB, and that includes looking at your fears.

Fear is one of those insidious things that holds us back from what we want like a brick wall that’s standing in front of us. And yet, there’s simple tool that can pull us out of the fear like a tow truck on steroids.

If fear is something you’re battling with, I invite you to join me for a FREE WEBINAR where I will teach you two simple tools to help you:

  1. Release the fear quickly
  2. Deconstruct the fear, and take a look at it from another point of view. (Then you’ll know why we say that fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real.)

You’ll need to sign up here to join me, and let’s pull you out of the muck so you can finally Kick The Fear!




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