Get Unstuck

Are you stuck on your nest?

Okay, that may seem like a strange analogy, but at my ranch, I have a chicken that has a false sense of belief:

henShe is stuck in the same spot, believing that something will hatch but it does not, because the eggs are not there. Yet, she refuses to move.

That is a good analogy for those of us who remain stuck in an area that we need to move on from.

So the question is: Where do YOU need to go to be in alignment with your dream?

What resources are there that will help you to get unstuck?

By living your purpose, you live a more effective and empowered life that will truly help the world, because it is in alignment with your talents. You will also experience the deep joy of loving your life.

I hope you are able to take the leap out of your nest to realize your dream.



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