Stop Ignoring That Inner Voice That Keeps Telling You What Your Purpose Is

Lost in a sea of confusion. It happens to the best of us. If you’re feeling confused over the steps to take to live your true calling, you’re not alone.

You can get so caught up in your head that you’re not listening to your heart, and often because you don’t trust it. If you really sit still and listen to that little voice inside of you, it TELLS you what the answer is.

I’m sure you’ve felt it giving you that “nudge”. Reminding you every now and then that it’s there, but you’re not trusting it. You’ve pushed it aside in disbelief, because you just can’t believe that something that you actually feel excited about is the direction you should go in.

But that’s where you’re going wrong, and I’ve done it too. It may be a subconscious limiting belief such as “can I REALLY make money doing that?” Or, “I have to work hard for money”. And then there’s the ever-popular “but what about security?”

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The Co-Workers That Make Us Rethink Why We’re Still In The Job

I recall when I was considering taking the giant leap from the J.O.B. I became keenly aware of the co-workers around me who were so miserable that it was affecting their health.

You know: The ones who have an excel spreadsheet that automatically calculates how many days are left before retirement. And believe me, some of them had a long way to go, even though they were looking a bit rough around the edges.

Not to be rude, but stress does take its toll.

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Are You Going To Get Through The Muck Or Stay Stuck? (Video)

In clinical hypnotherapy, I had people that came to me wanting me to waive a magic wand and make them get rid of 50 pounds of weight, or whatever their goal was, because that’s what they thought hypnosis was all about. What they DIDN’T get is that All Hypnosis Is Self Hypnosis (as we say in the biz).

So YOU’VE got to want to do the work, and get through your muck: The fears, anxiety, emotional healing – all of it! You have to be willing to go deep and discover what’s holding you back, and work through it.

That’s life in the big city (or the big country – wherever you are!)

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What’s Your Legacy?

Many people (particularly entrepreneurs) seem to strive for the flashy car, multi-million dollar house on the beach, Christian Louboutin shoes (if you’re a woman)…

But that’s not me. I’m a Subaru kind of gal, who would prefer a comfy pair of clogs, and an LL Bean coat. I was built for practicality after all.

My needs are fairly simple. (Nothing against those people who want the other things.)

What burns inside my soul is the desire to leave an impact, by helping people break through the blocks that are keeping them from living a life of passion and purpose.

I can’t take a Mercedes with me when I go, but, I CAN touch lives and make a difference, and that will STAY.

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Focus On Your Vision, And The HOW Will Show Up

WHO do you want to be?

You MUST have a vision FIRST. Get clear on what that is, and the path will be laid out before you.

We get so caught up in HOW to do things. It’s the conscious part of the mind. But the details slow us down.

It’s also known as “analysis paralysis”. It’s the part of us that leaves us spinning in circles; not knowing which direction to take. Then we get stuck in limbo-land.

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Why Your View Of Money Can Keep You Stuck In The Wrong Career

Are you thoroughly happy with what you’re doing for a career, or is the money the reason why you’re still there?

It seems common, and even normal to do something that no longer suits us because we want to keep the old paycheck flowing in.

That’s where this classic Joseph Campbell quote comes in:

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What’s Your Zone Of Genius?

You have a special skill that you know you’re good at. It’s that thing that you do really well, and sometimes you amaze yourself when you do it.

That’s when you know you’re in your Zone of Genius.

And sometimes:

  1. You’re not “in the zone”, so you’re not using the passion and talent that allows you to truly live your purpose and feel in alignment with what you do.
  2. Or, your zone of genius can shift to a new area of expertise. For example: You may have been great at managing people in one area, but now the thought of managing people in an entirely different field may be what “floats your boat”, (or running a business with your own employees).

If you feel you’re not in your “zone” at all, then it’s time to look inward and pay attention to what your heart is telling you. (What really lights you up?)

And if you’ve been ignoring the signs (and how you feel), then it’s time to tap into those desires, and imagine the life you want.

If your zone is shifting, it could be that you’ve been in your career for awhile, and you notice the passion for what you do isn’t quite what it used to be. In that case, it may be time for a change.

Ask yourself (and write it down):

  • How do I really feel about what I do?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how does my current career rate? (Are you happy with that number?)
  • Use your imagination to visualize what your ideal career would look and feel like.

Our imagination and emotions are at the subconscious level of the mind, and that’s where the power is, so use it to your advantage.

Take stock of where you’re at; re-align yourself if necessary, and you’ll find a deeper sense of purpose and authenticity that will not only positively impact your life, but the lives of those around you.

What if you totally loved what you do?

Imagine your daily life like this:

  1. You get up at a time that’s in sync with your natural sleep cycle.
  2. Your diet is effortlessly balanced because you’re not stressed out over work, and so you’re not eating emotionally.
  3. You have the freedom and flexibility to go to personal appointments when you need to without having to ask.
  4. Your health isn’t affected by the stress and strain of doing something that no longer suits you.
  5. You do something each day that lights you up, and you do it when you feel inspired, which happens to be almost every day because you love it.
  6. Life is about ease, joy an flow, because that’s how you create success.
  7. You end your day by falling asleep at a time that’s natural for you.

So why don’t we create that type of lifestyle? Because we believe that’s not how it’s supposed to be. We believe that it’s about struggle, duty and “working” instead of creating.

How do we get past that? By shifting our beliefs. By realizing that life doesn’t have to be about struggle. By following our emotions FIRST and our thoughts SECOND.

What do I mean by following our emotions? Our emotions are what guide us. They let us know if we’re on the right track. It’s that gut feeling; that emotional guidance system that keeps us going in the right direction.

Allow yourself to let go of the psychological blocks that are holding you back, and TRUST the way you feel. You can do it if you put your mind – and heart to it.

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to have a conversation to see where you’re at. I’m here for you.