Are you getting in your own way?


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When we have a dream, or a goal we wish to achieve there can be frustration around why we are not making progress. We may keep trying without success, and then have a tendency to blame the universe for stopping us from getting there.

However, the truth is that we are actually stopping ourselves. The reason can be various subconscious fears such as the fear of success, or the fear of failure. Continue reading “Are you getting in your own way?”

Don’t Quit!

We all know that life isn’t easy, and that sometimes we may get the urge to give up on our dreams. But you never know when you may be reaching that “tipping point”: When things will shift and go your way. (In fact, you may be interested in a book by Malcolm Gladwell called “The Tipping Point”.)

It also reminds me of a poem that I have known for many years by Edgar A. Guest. Here is a portion of that poem, in hopes that it will inspire you to not give up:

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