Dream Achievers Revolution

I’ve has designed this program to help people heal their past and create their future.

DARE (Dream Achievers Revolution) is an awesome weekend retreat for people who are unhappy with where they’re at and want to discover what their true passion is, break free of whatever is holding them back, and to go from where they are now to being empowered to live an authentic life.

When we are dis-empowered, we:

  • Can’t seem to get clear on what we really want so we stay stuck.
  • Feel frustrated, confused and lost when it comes to figuring out our next steps.
  • Know that our current situation isn’t serving us, but we don’t know what’s going to make us happy.
  • Are afraid of change, so we stay in our “comfort zone”, which gets very uncomfortable after awhile.
  • Are not honoring ourselves and our true desires.

When we’ve experienced trauma in life, we get out of alignment with our authentic self, and we need help to take back our power and find our direction.

I’m Kathleen Nightingale, and I’m here to give women the road map their soul craves so they no longer feel lost and have to ask for directions!

As an intuitive life coach, mind-body wellness practitioner and award-winning author, I empower women to create a life that focuses on self respect and authenticity.

I know what it’s like…

When you read “My Story” you’ll know that I’ve had my own challenges, and the only way I could live a life that’s worthy of me was to empower myself – but with the right tools and mentor, we get there more quickly than we can on our own (where we often stay stuck). 

The key takeaways are:


Create overall life balance for alignment and joy. With balance, we feel better; mind, body and soul, and the way we feel impacts what we can create.


I’ll teach you how to tap into the most powerful part of your mind (your “horsepower”) for true self-empowerment and for goal-creation. This also includes creating your unique vision.


With an in-depth understanding of your own personal values, we’ll put together your unique statement that will guide you on your journey.


Through unique mindset techniques, we’ll align with what’s truly in your heart.


Fear will kill any dream, so any fears that are getting in your way will be stopped in their tracks.


Negative life experiences can cause limiting beliefs, which will hold you back from happiness. We’ll learn how to relax, heal the past, and release what’s no longer serving you.


If you want to live an authentic life that’s true to you, it’s time to recognize your power.

This will be a fun, stress relieving experience to help you head in the direction that’s right for you; so you can experience more Freedom, Purpose and Abundance!

Have you hugged a horse lately?

Kathleen and Sadie

Connecting with horses is included and also helps you to relax, renew your mind, reconnect with your heart, and discover your path.

The cost for the retreat is $797 and benefits our non-profit Soquili Sanctuary (Soquili is the Cherokee word for horse.)

The retreat includes two half days of coaching, intuitive guided meditation and connecting with horses (no riding). This allows you to have some free time to relax and take in the beautiful scenery of Northern Arizona. Local accommodations are available at the lovely Days Inn Chino Valley.

Click on the button below to secure your retreat (space is limited). Proceeds benefit our non-profit Soquili Sanctuary.

Contact Kathleen for questions, details and availability at (480) 688-3924

Kathleen’s Clients Have Said:

Kathleen focuses on her client and supporting their desire for clarity and moving forward. I was feeling stuck and when I tried to look within and work through the issue solo, I wasn’t making a lot of progress. Kathleen’s sessions provided the focused clarity to my next steps. Great results and grounding on how to proceed next. Karen Jones, personal development mentor, author and speaker.

 “As a newly self-employed business owner, I have struggled with some of the stress that comes with being the owner/boss. After three sessions, not only do I love what I do on a daily basis – but I am sleeping much better at night, and my business continues to grow each month!” Christine Childree, Senior Living Advisor

 “It has been wonderful working with Kathleen in recent months. She has shown never ending support and determination to help me grow and succeed. I can’t recommend her enough.”  Cheryl Taylor, Self Employed Writer/Book And Magazine Designer/Photographer

“I had the opportunity to experience Kathleen at her best during a session which was just over an hour. I was feeling blocked and that something was holding me back from up-leveling my business… and finally tapped into why it was causing me to stay stuck! It was an amazing feeling to know that I have a new perspective on this experience and that, that stuck feeling would have reduced as a result of this experience, now that I know why! Thank you Kathleen for sharing your gifts with me.” – Debbie Brimble, Inner Brilliance Coach

“I retired from mechanical design engineering 3 years ago and have been working to start a coaching, counseling service. Going from introvert to extrovert has been a bit of an exhausting, but enlightening trip. Kathleen has been instrumental in helping me with that journey.” – Carol Becker, Owner, Therapist at Universal Resources

Kathleen has a corporate background and understands the pressures I was under in balancing family needs, personal freedom and work responsibilities. She practices what she preaches, having taken the bold step of leaving the comfortable and well paid, yet unfulfilling role in the financial services industry to follow her passion. Her bravery inspired me to take stock of my own situation and talking things through with her enabled me to make some very important decisions of my own. I can’t recommend Kathleen, and the services she provides, enough. – Nancy Veronica Aguilera

Kathleen is a wonderful person who is very professional and knowledgeable. Ultimately, she combines deep insight and practicality. She listens with perceptiveness, and can translate that into tangible steps for change. Her background in business and in healing work gives her a good balance for coaching people interested in shifting their careers and living their dream. I highly recommend her as a career change agent for individuals and businesses. – Marea Boylan

I am really blown away about how much we accomplished in such a short amount of time. It was worth every penny!” Kelly LaVelle (From the video testimonial below.)