Focus On Your Vision, And The HOW Will Show Up

WHO do you want to be?

You MUST have a vision FIRST. Get clear on what that is, and the path will be laid out before you.

We get so caught up in HOW to do things. It’s the conscious part of the mind. But the details slow us down.

It’s also known as “analysis paralysis”. It’s the part of us that leaves us spinning in circles; not knowing which direction to take. Then we get stuck in limbo-land.

We forget to listen to our heart like we did when we were kids. When we were all about fun and make-believe. After all, we were born that way.

But then the conscious mind took over, and we became paralyzed in fear and other mindset landmines that derailed us from who we really are.

I’ve done it. I’ve gotten so caught up in the crazy cesspool of the conscious mind, spinning around in my own head trying to figure out the RIGHT strategy for success. But the only strategy is within OURSELVES.

When we focus on the details, we get too caught up in where we are AT versus where we want to GO, and creating the dream becomes more difficult. And, what should be play is now work.

You won’t find the answers to the success you want in the outside world. Trust your instincts. FEEL your gut. Trust that power you were born with that you lost so long ago.

Be a kid again. Play. Imagine. Have fun. The power actually comes from that.

We can break out of the tight suits, the uncomfortable shoes, or whatever it is that doesn’t FEEL right to us, because that’s what sets us free; free to be who we were when we started out in this life.

Yes, there is power in NOW, but there is great power in where we want to go; as long as we let go of fear and anxiety about the future, and stay in a mindset of being imaginative, playful and inspired.




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