Giving Back

photoI love horses, and my charity of choice is helping mustangs. As a result, a portion of the proceeds from my work benefits wild horses. 

In addition, my “Mustang Mindset” program is based on the heart and power of the American Mustang.

Once you have been around horses, you begin to understand the connection between horse and human. On a therapeutic level, horses can help to improve self-confidence. Simply watching horses interact and do things such as “roll” is a beautiful and stress-relieving sight.

They also teach us allot about the power of our mind, as any rider knows that how you feel and react affects your horse.

photo (12)Horses have been instrumental in helping people in many ways: Therapeutically, in work and in times of war.

Right now, there is a crisis in the US with our wild Mustangs: There are approximately 50,000 wild horses and burros at government feed lots and holding facilities. Round ups of wild horses have been ongoing, with some horses (including foals) dying during this traumatic process. Although the slaughtering of horses is illegal in the US, horses have been known to be purchased at auction and sent to Mexico or Canada for slaughter.

You can help by signing petitions online to stop the roundups, and to find better ways to manage wild horses. Also, consider supporting the following organizations that are instrumental in helping wild horses:

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Return to Freedom

My own mustangs, Buddy and Raquel were adopted from Montgomery Creek Ranch. Please like their Facebook page to follow the wonderful work they do.

IMG_0263Please join me in helping these animals that help us in so many ways.