Happiness Comes First, Abundance Comes Second

Allot of people have it backwards. I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it.

We think that if we’re living in a certain place, or get a certain thing, or have a certain person, our life will be so much happier.

But the truth is: It’s the exact opposite.

When you’re unhappy, you actually BLOCK the flow of abundance to you.

Call it woo-woo, but it’s like a vibrational thing.

YOU feel it, and everyone else feels it too. And who wants to be around someone who’s giving off bad vibes?

Certainly not people, places OR things.

In the book “The Science Of Getting Rich” (published in 1910), Wallace Wattles talks about “Increasing Life”. In other words, there’s a feeling that goes with attracting abundance.

It’s that charisma that people have, it’s an indescribable thing that attracts the abundance.

That’s what passion is. People who are truly passionate about their work, give off that feeling of joy and people want to be around them.

So, in your work and life:

  • Find Joy
  • Get Happy
  • Appreciate the Good Things in Life

And you will discover the abundance THAT IS ALREADY THERE, AND an amazing thing will happen: You will get more of the things you deserve, because you got happy and grateful. Enjoy, and join us in the Mastermind: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MustangMastermind