How To “Unplug” From Stress

Are you feelin’ it? The ups, downs, and all-arounds of these wild times can send a person into an emotional tailspin. Stress, whether good or bad takes a toll on our health and can lead to disease.

There can be be fear, anger, excitement, and a host of other wacky twists and turns. It can be mentally and physically draining.

Here’s a tool that I’d like to share with you to help you “unplug” from the wildness – or negative emotions that can leave you feeling like you’re energy has been sapped.

First, sit in a comfortable chair. Then, close your eyes, and mentally scan your body for any tension, aches or pains that you’re feeling. Example: The stress could be felt in your neck, shoulders, chest, stomach or back.

Then use your imagination to picture an electrical plug that’s plugged into that spot.

After you’ve got that visual, then imagine following the cord that’s attached to the plug out to where it ends and see what it’s plugged into.

This could be a person or thing that’s causing the stress. (Whatever comes to mind is okay.)

Then imagine unplugging the cord from that person or thing, and allow it/them to gently drift far away from you.

Now unplug the cord from yourself, and fill the hole with healing golden light.

Finally, wrap up the cord and toss it into your imaginary trash can or whatever is handy.

Good job! Now, take a deep breath and let go. Feel the stress relief coming over your mind and body.

There. Isn’t that relaxing? Not only that, but you’ve just done some self-hypnosis for health and well-being. Congrats!



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