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Is It Crazy To Be Grateful For The Narcissist? Think Again.

Bitterness is a trap.

It keeps us stuck in a swirling cesspool of loathing and mindset misery. It’s not good for the soul.

Yet the narcissist possesses personality traits that seem appalling to the average empath, or those who consider themselves morally and ethically correct. So, the narcissist’s:

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Gaslighting
  • Manipulation
  • Lack of Remorse

And other tricks of their trade is enough to make us want to tear our hair out in disbelief. The angst runs deep.

So deep, that it’s hard to let go of. But that’s exactly what we must do to learn the lesson.

What lesson is that you say? For the umpteenth time, lets go back to self love.

Sometimes it takes a cosmic two-by-four in the form of a narcissist to finally teach us the lesson. The lesson that tells us:

  1. We don’t need someone else to idealize us to see our power.
  2. We must stop tolerating being devalued as we’re worth more. So much more.

So we search for the antidote to relieve us of the bitterness and self-loathing as we wonder how we allowed ourselves to get sucked into the crazy scenario in the first place. And here’s the answer… drum roll please…


Yep, as much as we resist finding anything to appreciate in the horrifying situation, it’s how we finally heal. But what is there to appreciate you say?

That we are actually being thrown on the path of self discovery and empowerment.

We went there kicking and screaming. We were deeply hurt. Angry. Fearful. And any other negative emotion we can think of.

But damn it; the universe, God, angels, or whoever we believe is in charge of this schematic classroom of a life, has given us this crazy exercise to get us to see our power.

So now that we’ve been thrown on the tracks, instead of waiting for the proverbial train to run us over, it’s time to build our own darn train. And a strong one.

One that will charge past narcissists or other blocks in our path so that we can live our best lives. Because, we are wiser.

So, start building that train. The tools are inside of you. Sometimes, you just need a little help to reconnect and find them.

But it’s time to get to work. The hard part is over.

Shift your mindset to positive. Write down what you’ve learned. FEEL the appreciation for how far you’ve come.

You’re a survivor. Acknowledge that.

You’ve got this.

How are you loving yourself?




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