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It’s Time To Declutter To Create Abundance (Video)

Clutter is the dam that blocks the flow of abundance in our lives.

And it’s not just the physical clutter. Our memories shrouded in leftover emotions from past experiences will keep us stuck in a state of not moving forward in our life as well.

Seeing the physical clutter works like an energetic block, and the emotional clutter stops it up even further.

Here are tips to declutter on both a physical and mental/emotional level.

  1. If there is too much clutter in your physical space, take a look at each object and ask yourself: “Do I receive joy from this?” And if not, then it’s time to let go.
  2. If there’s clutter in your mind, especially the old emotional stuff, then it’s time to clear that away on a metaphorical level. (The subconscious mind relates to metaphors – that’s what dreams are.)
  3. To work with the subconscious mind, always start by closing your eyes, taking in some deep breaths and allowing yourself to relax into a nice daydream state. Now imagine that you have a trash bag, vacuum cleaner, or whatever you wish to clear away the “dust bunnies”, “cobwebs” or whatever you perceive the mental trash to be.
  4. Go around that imaginary space in your mind, picking up the clutter. Clean away all of it until you feel satisfied that whatever you needed to get rid of is gone.
  5. Take a deep breath, relax and feel positive about the awesome “cleaning up” that you’ve done; feeling lighter, with more clarity around what you really want in your life.

Have fun, practice this, and notice the positive changes in your life. AND CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW!

Keep decluttering and allowing yourself to let go of the old so you can bring in the new.




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