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Get Unstuck, Discover Balance and Create Abundance

You want to have more success in your life, but it can be hard when you’re lacking clarity and you feel stuck. Or, you know what you should be doing but for some unknown reason you’re resisting doing it.

You may have difficulty staying focused and resort to going into a chocolate induced coma, so you can avoid dealing with the deep hole you’ve been digging while your wheels spin out of control.

Fortunately, we can pull you out of that negative mindset rut like a tow truck on steroids.

Together, we’ll help you experience more joy, enthusiasm and results.

I help you learn how to use the most powerful part of your mind to eliminate limiting beliefs that are holding you back, blast past your fears, and allow your true self to come out so you can be you but without the resistance that’s stopped you in the past.

If you really want to have a shift in your mind to Believe that the abundance is coming in your life, then it’s time to discover your Horsepower.

Ready to have a breakthrough? Here’s what I’ve got:

Clarity Session: Need clarity, direction and balance? Sign up for a one-to-one 90-minute session where we will assess your current situation, gain clarity on where you need to go and create a strategy to breakthrough blocks that are holding you back. You’ll feel renewed, resolved of blocks and more focused. (The investment in you is $250). Schedule it now:

Rapid Breakthrough™ Eight weeks of virtual one to one coaching for clarity, balance, and getting unstuck. This includes coaching, mindset tools and intuitive guided mediation to help you get past the blocks and resistance that are keeping you from the success you desire. Let’s get you to where you want to go! Space is limited. Cost: $1,700. Click below to book your first session.

VIP Breakthrough to Abundance Retreat: This exclusive retreat includes one-to-one focus around clarity, balance and receiving the tools you need to have more success. You’ll feel relaxed, renewed and clear on your path. Coaching, intuitive guided meditation and connecting with horses (and even mustangs) are included.

“I had the opportunity to experience Kathleen at her best during a session which was just over an hour. I was feeling blocked and that something was holding me back from up-leveling my business. I knew that there was one particular event that I witnessed in my childhood which was significant and finally tapped into why it was causing me to stay stuck! Kathleen’s visualization allowed me to revisit the time and reconnect with my parents and my younger self. It was an amazing experience, tears were shed and a shift was experienced – forgiveness, love, togetherness and release. It was an amazing feeling to know that I have a new perspective on this experience and that that stuck feeling would have reduced as a result of this experience, now that I know why! Thank you Kathleen for sharing your gifts with me.” – Debbie Brimble, Inner Brilliance Coach

LOOKING FOR A SPEAKER FOR YOUR EVENT (online or in person)? 

Here are two topics that Kathleen offers (if you’re looking for something that’s more tailored, please contact us):

How to “unplug” from fears that hold you back from success. Living in fear or anxiety creates a mindset block that will hold you back from having the results you desire. Kathleen takes you through a simple yet powerful tool to free yourself from the fear that’s keeping you stuck, in addition to a mindset protocol that keeps you on track for more success.

How to eliminate limiting beliefs that negatively impact your business and life. What are limiting beliefs and how do they hold is back? Understanding what’s going on below the surface is a major breakthrough in knowing how to move past them and have better results.