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The Co-Workers That Make Us Rethink Why We’re Still In The Job

I recall when I was considering taking the giant leap from the J.O.B. I became keenly aware of the co-workers around me who were so miserable that it was affecting their health.

You know: The ones who have an excel spreadsheet that automatically calculates how many days are left before retirement. And believe me, some of them had a long way to go, even though they were looking a bit rough around the edges.

Not to be rude, but stress does take its toll.

There was the co-worker who was diabetic, and carried his insulin inside his brief case, along with a secret stash of chocolate M&Ms to help him get through the day. (That’s no joke.)

When I did decide to leave, another co-worker came over to my cubicle and expressed how badly he wanted to leave as well, but because of his cancer issues, he didn’t want to leave his medical benefits behind. (True story.)

And there were more observations…

It really makes you think about how short life is, and how we stay in situations even though it might kill us. At the time, I was studying mind-body wellness on the side, so I knew for a fact how the stress and negative emotions were causing such wear and tear on the mind and body.

Taking the leap was scary as hell – I can’t lie. But on the other hand, when you look at the alternative; a slow, painful deterioration caused by not being in alignment with your true self isn’t appealing either.

So if the work you’re doing and who you’re doing the work for make you FEEL good, then that’s great. But, if you feel like you’re slowly dying inside, then it’s time to get clear on where you really want to go.

The fear can be dealt with. The confusion can be cleared. The psychological blocks that are holding you back can be resolved. And then your mind, heart and soul will rejoice in the freedom of knowing that you’re making the right choice for you.

Do it before it’s too late. And if you need help clearing away the fog in your mind; I’m here for you, and I get it.

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