There is a joke in this story…

Yes, there is a joke in this story. Keep reading….

People often ask “what is life coaching anyway?”

Life coaching is a phenomenal tool that helps to give a person clarity around what they desire to achieve, along with coaching techniques that helps them to get there more quickly than if they were doing it on their own. (I personally also combine powerful visualization techniques to help you get there even faster.)

It reminds me of a joke that I once heard a minister tell:

This farmer bought some arid desert land. He fertilized the land, planted seeds, watered, weeded and nurtured his crop. One day, the local minister stopped by and exclaimed: “Look at what God has done! He created this beautiful garden! Praise God!”  Meanwhile, the farmer was getting annoyed, and he said to the minister: “You should have seen it when he was doing it on his own!”

I am a bit like that farmer. Providing you with the assistance you need to help you plant the seeds that need to be planted, pull out the weeds that are hindering your growth, and providing watering as you go along. When I assist clients, it is a joy to watch their beautiful garden grow.




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