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This is a Biggee

I hear this (and see it) allot:

Women who have a life that is out of balance.

Yep, they’re trying to be Wonder Woman. 

Or, they think they’re being “nice” by trying to help everyone on the planet. But guess what happens?

They’re burned out.

And allot of times they are paying the price by being sick.

That’s because they forgot to take care of #1 first. Taking care of yourself (and taking the time off that you need to breathe) is not selfishness, but self preservation.

I was thinking about this the other day when I posted the below photo quote on Facebook.

Women often come to me with an issue where the core problem is they are trying to do too much.

So slow down, breathe, and do something for yourself for a change. And above all:

Learn to say “no”.

When you do this you will be much more effective at whatever it is that you do. And, you’ll live longer too, so you’ll be around to help those you love.

Here’s to your happiness,


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