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What Horses Can Teach Us About Our Mindset

Do you think you are in control?

While most of us are busy using our conscious analytical mind to get to where we want to go, our subconscious mind is running the show. (Hey, that rhymes 🙂

Our subconscious mind includes our emotions. When you think about it, our emotions affect what happens around us, and it certainly can tamper with our success.

Do you ever notice how things go much better when you are in a good mood? On the other hand, when you are upset or angry, then your day can go down the tubes and the people around you are affected. Then they get annoyed, and matters get worse.

So what does this have to do with horses?

Well, a horse picks up on human emotions. So if you are riding a horse and you are feeling anxious, scared, angry, etc., the horse’s behavior can be erratic.

But if you feel more calm, relaxed and focused then the horse will be more calm and focused too.

It’s really amazing how energy from our own mind impacts everything and everyone around us. The moral of the story is: Keep in mind that your emotions and overall mindset is the master of your world.

Here’s to your happiness,


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