Money Success

What is your money story?

Money and ProsperityMoney can mean different things to different people. Often times it symbolizes security, and there can be many fears around money.

It can be tied to the inability to let go of things, including those fears. As an example: A person may say that they cannot afford something, yet they will somehow find that money to pay for something else.

So if there is an area where you may need to spend the money for something that will ultimately benefit you, but are unwilling to do so, you may ask yourself: What am I trying to hold on to? What am I afraid of?Why am I not letting go?

The truth is that money is energy. It is not permanent: It flows in and out, and we certainly cannot take it with us. It is simply an exchange of energy.

I hope that in your journey down life’s road, the river of money flows to you; and you are able to let it flow where it needs to for your greatest benefit.



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