What’s Your Legacy?

Many people (particularly entrepreneurs) seem to strive for the flashy car, multi-million dollar house on the beach, Christian Louboutin shoes (if you’re a woman)…

But that’s not me. I’m a Subaru kind of gal, who would prefer a comfy pair of clogs, and an LL Bean coat. I was built for practicality after all.

My needs are fairly simple. (Nothing against those people who want the other things.)

What burns inside my soul is the desire to leave an impact, by helping people break through the blocks that are keeping them from living a life of passion and purpose.

I can’t take a Mercedes with me when I go, but, I CAN touch lives and make a difference, and that will STAY.

So, what legacy do YOU want to leave? Not just monetary, but, HOW can you use your talent and skills to leave your mark in the world?

Some talented people make an impact at a young age, leaving us in amazement at how soon they tapped into their unique abilities.

But the truth is, you’re never to old to get into alignment with either the natural talent you were born with, OR the skills that you’ve built over the years that you can put out into the world in a way that would create more freedom and impact.

The reason why you may feel stuck as to what that talent is, is due to the fact that we can easily be thinking with our head, rather than tapping into our heart. Our circumstances may not have allowed us to be who we really are or who we want to be, and we’ve rationalized that staying where we are is okay.

Also, we’re so used to looking outside ourselves (by surfing the web and listening to others for example), that lack of clarity is understandable. Not to mention, we’ve lost that playful, imaginative ability that we had when we were kids and we were in the flow of our true self.

The end result is being out of alignment with the joy, ease and flow of living the purpose that we were born with.

So, allow yourself to play again. Relax and look inward for the answer and to get unstuck when it comes to discovering your NEW and TRUE path.

Tap into that childlike imagination, and visualize the person you want to be, while letting go of the person you are now. Step into that vision of how that person thinks, acts and feels.

Then, you will begin to understand where you want to go and you’ll create that reality.

The thing to watch out for is subconscious limiting beliefs and fears that can derail your vision. Also, the lack of clarity will keep you spinning our wheels.

And, if you’re not clear about what’s burning inside of you, or the what or how your awesome skills can help the world and you’re feeling stuck, then it’s time for a Passion Breakthrough.





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