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When You’re Afraid Of The Very Thing That You Want

Sometimes the very thing that we want scares the crap out of us. Why is that, and what do you do about it?

When we go after our dream, we begin to find ourselves in uncharted territory. And it can get very scary, very quickly, and this will stop us in our tracks.

As we begin to move out of our “comfort zone” to what we thought we actually wanted, we can begin to question why we ever made that decision.  Click for more below, and watch the video where I talk about this.

But if we don’t move on toward our dream, then we get stuck. Our fear takes over, and the personal growth stops.

If we don’t take the chance, what will happen years down the road when we look back? On the other hand, what if we make a mistake? 

Watch the video below where I discuss this and give some inspiration to help guide you through it.






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