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Why Anxiety Will Kill Your Dream

IMG_0684Sometimes when we are trying to achieve something that is very important to us, we can become very anxious. We want to get to the goal as soon as possible. But our level of anxiety can get the best of us.

Although we could all use some motivation, when it gets to a level where we are anxious it has the effect of a puppy that is trying to run quickly on a shiny floor. We may not get very far when we are virtually running in place.

When it comes to our mind, anxiety has a tendency to use up cognitive resources. The end result is that it creates a block. Writers may refer to it as “writer’s block”.

Ultimately, our ability to think clearly and perform the tasks that are needed to achieve our dream can take longer or may not happen at all in the case of anxiety. Or we may get there, but the quality of our achievement may not be at our maximum potential.  

So what do you do?  Stop, breathe and let go. Allow yourself to relax and focus. Take each step with purpose, and you will gradually get to where you want to go.




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