Why We Get Stuck, And How To Break Free

Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads: Wanting to go in a particular direction, or perhaps confused as to what that direction is.

Our soul seems to be crying out for something more. There’s a yearning for a new direction and possibly a new career; but we’re lost in a sea of confusion, and we can’t clearly see the horizon.

So we keep trying, and searching, and yet we stay stuck; stuck in our comfort zone, which becomes incredibly uncomfortable over time. We try and try to move forward, but strangely, it can seem okay to be where we are are, until we realize that we’re like a bird that’s stayed in the nest too long. (We’ve outgrown it, and it’s getting a bit smelly in there.)

Like allot of people, I’ve experienced this feeling many times.

When I was in a 22-year corporate career, I kept feeling the intuitive nudge to move on. But, I didn’t know what it meant, and I struggled to figure out what my true purpose was. I kept feeling like I was wearing a pair of shoes that were a size too small, but the nagging discomfort didn’t mean that I had clarity around what I really wanted to do with my life.

I was ready for another chapter, and when I finally took the leap, I didn’t know what that was (except that I wanted to help people and I had studied clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching).

Then I ran into issues around my beliefs, my own confidence, and insecurities. It’s been a journey that has led to personal growth on ALL levels, and peeling away the layers, and sometimes looking at and healing the past.

So, what keeps us stuck or confused? Why don’t we just move forward? What’s holding us back? It takes courage to look at ourselves, and reading on in this article is the first step in taking back your power and living a life that’s worthy of you.

So here goes…

There’s an elephant in the room that most of us don’t know exists, and it’s putting up a roadblock. Let’s dive into the details of the what, why and how of “stuck-ness”, so we can finally break free and head in a direction that lights us up.

Here are the reasons for the roadblocks:

  1. The elephant in the room is (drum roll please): The subconscious mind. Most people aren’t aware that there are different levels to the mind, and they don’t know the impact that it has on their life. At 87% of the mind, the subconscious is truly in charge, and when we know how to work with it in an effective way, then we can finally get unstuck. (More on that later.)
  2. Another aspect of being stuck is not being in “alignment” with who we really are. After all, we’re a product of our experiences. When we’re a child, we often have a better knowing of our true self, but then we learn that we should live a certain way, follow a certain career, or be with a certain person, and we lose sight of living that authentic life that we were born to live.
  3. The lack of belief in ourselves (call it low self-esteem or lack of self-love), but it can certainly keep us from having the confidence to move forward in the direction we want to go.
  4. Limiting beliefs in other areas of our life hold us back, and those beliefs were created by past experiences. As much as we may want something, we don’t believe we can have it. This often happens around money (which is also tied to self-worth).
  5. Resistance that’s created by fear will keep us from creating the life we REALLY want, and we learn the hard way that sometimes we have to be fearless.

Now that we know the roadblocks, let’s take a look at the solutions.

My own life has been a journey of self-worth, and peeling away the layers of insecurities, lack of belief and fear. But I’ve also realized that there’s a reason for everything, and this journey has given me insight into what it’s like to be stuck and how to get “unstuck”.

After years of working with people who couldn’t figure out why they kept having the same recurring issue and why they couldn’t move forward, I developed a system that leads them to experiencing more joy, enthusiasm and results.

Here are tools that you can use that come from my Passion Breakthrough program:

  1. We need to start by honing in on the weakest area of our life that’s throwing us out of balance, and we often don’t realize it until we rate those areas on a scale from 1 to 10. How happy are you with your relationship with: Family and friends, money, health, physical environment (where you live), fun and recreation, career, spiritual alignment, and romance? Start with the area that has the lowest rating, and bring it into balance by asking yourself: “what would make that a 10?”
  2. Start working with the divine subconscious mind. We get there not by stressing out and analyzing, but by relaxing, visualizing and looking within because our memories, emotions and imagination are at the subconscious level. (We’ve become a society that searches the internet and everywhere else for the answers, and we end up dis-empowering ourselves.) Journal about what you truly want, and imagine the gratitude you’ll feel when you already have that life.
  3. Recognize your limiting beliefs around the things you want, but believe you can’t have. Where do you think those beliefs came from? Imagine letting go of the beliefs, and becoming free to move forward. (Hint: The subconscious mind likes metaphors, which is what dreams are, so imagine those beliefs flying away like a bird, or whatever metaphor works for you.)
  4. Where do you REALLY see yourself in the future? If you were to close your eyes and imagine, what physical location would you be in and what would you be doing?
  5. Release the fear by once again tapping into your imagination and letting go. Write down the fears, crinkle it up, and toss it in the trash.
  6. Use a powerful affirmation to reinforce your belief in yourself, such as “I Am Enough”. (The subconscious only knows NOW, so think of yourself as already being powerful and truly FEEL it.)
  7. You attract what you focus on, so mind your intentions. Thoughts are things, so be mindful of what you’re thinking and how you’re FEELING. Stay positive, and if you’re struggling to do that, then write a list of the things you’re grateful for.

If you’re spinning your wheels, dig into these tools. Do the work; relax, and have fun with it. And the next thing you know, you’ll be moving forward in the direction of your dreams feeling less stressed and more confident. You’ve got this!



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