Why Your View Of Money Can Keep You Stuck In The Wrong Career

Are you thoroughly happy with what you’re doing for a career, or is the money the reason why you’re still there?

It seems common, and even normal to do something that no longer suits us because we want to keep the old paycheck flowing in.

That’s where this classic Joseph Campbell quote comes in:

We might be dreaming of having more freedom. Of living a laptop lifestyle, but we get caught up in our beliefs around money.

  1. Sometimes it’s fear that holds us back,
  2. the lack of confidence in ourselves to achieve the success that we really want, or
  3. the feeling of security when we have a steady salary.

The fear can come from past experiences, and will keep us stuck in the belief that we need the salary in order to survive.

One thing is for sure, fear can take control of our life. It’s that scary emotion that attracts more scary emotions, and the next thing we know; a major block is in front of us.You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, and that’s a great example of it. (But we can also use the law of attraction to attract things we WANT.)

The lack of belief in ourselves will keep us spinning in our corporate office chair, unable to take the leap to aligning with our passion and purpose.

And then there’s our own insecurity, which keeps us desperately clinging to a job that makes us feel like we’re wearing a pair of shoes that are a size too small. But is it really secure, or is it a false sense of security?

So much of what we believe in is formed by our past experiences that create limiting beliefs. So we can try to visualize what we want, create pictures of it and any number of other law of attraction tools, but shifting our belief is at the core of getting the results we want.

The other tools are the icing on the cake of creating our abundant lifestyle with a career we love.




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