Sometimes we need help healing and moving forward in our life.

We’re going through a difficult transition, such as coming out of a toxic relationship.

We lack clarity on our direction.

We might have an idea of what we want, but we’re not sure if it’s our true heart’s desire.

And when we’ve experienced Narcissistic Abuse, it REALLY throws us off track.

In fact, Narcissistic Abuse is a harrowing experience that leaves us feeling like our soul has been shattered.

From love bombs to truth bombs, our world has been rocked, and we need help feeling human again and getting our life on track.

Getting Unstuck And On Track

Getting stuck in life is common, with repeating patterns (going through the same type of experience over and over again.)

Or simply feeling lost and lacking clarity on our direction.

But you don’t have to spend the years that I did to figure it all out.

I Can Help You Get There Fast

With healing, clarity and alignment.

The discovery of who you are so you can get on the path that’s right for you NOW.

Hi, Kathleen Nightingale here. Your expert life coach. I help people heal from narcissistic abuse and get their life on track. My zone of genius is to help you Heal, Get Unstuck as quickly as possible so you can get into alignment with who you REALLY are. 

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