I know allot about starting over…

From leaving a 22-year corporate career, “trying out” several different business models, and experiencing divorce a few times.

I’ve had a “buffet” experiences around finding my purpose.

Life is filled with transitions.  I help you succeed through life’s transitions, and create a life that’s aligned with who you really are.

My background includes Transformational Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Pranic Energy Healing.  (My coaching journey started with an award-winning mind-body wellness book.)

When it comes to healing, stepping into your power and getting your life on track…

I help you get there much faster than you will on your own.

I ‘ve helped others for over 15 years..

My work is life changing. I bring a massive amount of experience to the table, and amazing healing tools that are a gift that’s meant to help you.

To get clarity on exactly where you are, understand exactly where you want to go in life, and whether working together is the right fit; book your Clarity Call below:

P.S.  Where am I?  I live in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona with my awesome other half, three dogs, two goats, two cats and a laid back American Paint horse called Happy Feet.