When you want to Get Unstuck, Harness Your Heart and Create A Life that’s Divinely On Purpose.

You want to get past your fears, have complete confidence and know the exact direction you need to go in.

You want to live your passion, have permission to love yourself and to stay on track.

But more than anything, you want to have a breakthrough with no doubt you’re living life on purpose.

Having worked with amazing clients to gain clarity, get unstuck and co-create their aligned life I know:

  • You have dreams, but are afraid to go after them.
  • You try to stay positive, which is difficult when things aren’t going the way you expected.
  • Inspiration turns into confusion when you start to wonder if you’re in the right place, and doing the right thing.
  • You question if you’re deserving of what you want, and suspect you’re not loving yourself enough.
  • You feel like you’re blocking the flow of abundance on all levels of your life.

If this sounds familiar in your world, you’re in the right place.

The journey of life is a soul transformation, and it’s time to go deep.

I’ve been there myself, and still go there.

And it can be a struggle when you’re not getting the support you’d like from your partner, family or friends. And you feel stuck when you don’t know who to turn to.

You might even feel ashamed that you don’t have the answers, especially when you’ve excelled in other areas of life.

The truth is that all the fears, lack of focus and limiting beliefs aren’t giving you the life you deserve, and that lack doesn’t help others you could be serving either.

Hi, Kathleen Nightingale here, your expert Life Purpose Coach. I work with beautiful women like you who want to get clarity, have passion about their direction and break through to a life that’s aligned and authentic to who they are.

In short:  I help women discover themselves.

Let’s not fool ourselves – we both know that your current situation isn’t serving you or helping others.

You’ve probably tried different programs, self-help books or YouTube videos to improve where you’re at.

But despite all your efforts, you find yourself feeling stuck time and time again, and you’re not sure what to do about it.

Want to know what’s missing? The right tools and support.

When you have people that believe in you, the right mentor and accountability to help you stay on track.

And when you break through the blocks that are keeping you in a state of stuck, you’ll begin to see more authenticity flowing into your life.

Just imagine…

  • Getting past your fears, getting into alignment and having no doubt that you’re on track.
  • Having the focus to get to where you want to go.
  • Feeling complete confidence to go after your hearts desire.
  • Experiencing more clarity, joy and passion.
  • Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you.
  • Feeling comfortable doing the things you need to do to live the life you deserve.
  • But you only get these results when you blast past your fears and take the action that’s needed.

Introducing Divinely On Purpose: The ultimate coaching system to give you abundant clarity on your true hearts desire, and get on track to living a life with purpose.

In this coaching program, we’ll meet virtually weekly, and you’ll have access to messaging me with questions and for support.

I created the program for beautiful souls like you, who understand that to live an aligned, authentic and abundant life, they must be willing to take that next step – and even a leap of faith.

As the leading coach and intuitive guide for women who feel stuck, I realized that a mindset “protocol” was needed to help clients get focused, feel more confident and to create more alignment in their life.

I knew that in order to have the success I wanted, I needed to have a breakthrough in my own thinking and feeling.

Unlike other mindset programs, Clearly Blissful leverages the power of your heart and soul, so you can break through the challenges you face.

You don’t have to tell me what it’s like to be a woman who wants to live their purpose and have more bliss, but feels stuck. I’ve been there.

You may have read self help books which tell you WHAT to do, but I’ll show you HOW to do it.

By the time you complete the program, you’ll realize how important it is to have the right mindset AND guidance.

I’ve designed this program so you can get access to all the guidance, tools and support you need without having to make any other high-ticket investments.

With this program, you won’t need to take a group program where you feel lost among all the other members.

And you won’t have to waste time and money finding a life purpose program that works for you.

The cost for Clearly Blissful depends on which level you choose. (This is why I offer a complimentary Soul Strategy Call.

If you’re thinking you’re too busy, the beauty of one-to-one coaching is that you have a coach that customizes sessions and keeps you on track.

If you’re just getting started, then it’s best to get going NOW rather than become stuck later and not see the results you want.

If you don’t trust yourself to do the work, then maybe you shouldn’t do the program. But, if you want to have a breakthrough in this area, then I welcome you to join me.

In no time at all, you’ll have the support, confidence and clarity that you’ve needed to create more focus, freedom and abundance in your life.

  • When you sign up you’ll immediately book your first session.
  • We’ll be working together week by week to help you stay on track.

This program is for women who want to have clarity around their direction, get unstuck, and create the authentic life they desire so they can live on purpose.

This program is not for women who have complete focus, total confidence, are fearless, and have no problem having the clarity, freedom and life of their dreams.

Kathleen’s Clients Have Said:

“Kathleen focuses on her client and supporting their desire for clarity and moving forward.   I was feeling stuck and when I tried to look within and work through the issue solo, I wasn’t making a lot of progress.  Kathleen’s sessions provided the focused clarity to my next steps. Great results and grounding on how to proceed next.” Karen Jones, personal development mentor, author and speaker.

“I am really blown away about how much we accomplished in such a short mount of time.  It was worth every penny.” Kelly Lavelle, spa owner

“It has been wonderful working with Kathleen in recent months. She has shown never ending support and determination to help me grow and succeed. I can’t recommend her enough.” – Cheryl Taylor, Self Employed Writer/Book And Magazine Designer/Photographer


How long is the program? The length depends on the amount of support you need.

How is it delivered? This is a one-to-one coaching program, so we’ll be working together.

Will I receive support between sessions?  You’ll have access to Kathleen via email or messenger.

A personal message from Kathleen:

My life as been an exercise in self worth, and figuring out what my true direction and purpose was, and to get out of my head and into my heart…

It really became apparent when I tried to follow my passion, which led to:

  • Lack of clarity as to what direction to go in because I didn’t believe in myself
  • Insecurities, which led to a lack money mindset
  • Confidence issues
  • Fear of rejection and fear of success.
  • Other subconscious limiting beliefs and mindset blocks

Which seemed crazy coming from the corporate background where I was a high level business analyst professional, AND having the training to be a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist WITH an award-winning book.

I had also studied the great books on abundance mindset: Think And Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, The Law of Attraction, and more…

Then I realized that: Although they have great information on how I needed to BE, there wasn’t a system that helped me get from where I WAS to where I wanted to GO.

If only I had help with that, I wouldn’t have wasted the time (and the money) that I did.

And ultimately:

My passion is to help beautiful souls like you live a life of passion, joy and purpose.

Allow me to help you have a breakthrough.

Don’t waste the time (and money) that I did.

And when you work with me, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my award-winning mind-body wellness book:

“This book will change your life.” Kathleen has given me hope…This book touches on every aspect of our lives. It is well-planned and well-written. I recommend it to all who have weight problems and are ready to change not only their weight, but their lives, for the better. – Fertile Healthy

“I have read everything from Weight Watchers to Dr. Phil, but Lose the Diet is my absolute favorite” It has really opened my mind to core values that everyone should be aware of. This book really gave me a new perspective on my self worth as well.” Jennie A., A Bookish Mom

“This book is a positive experience from page one.” I hoped this book would be full of different information on the battle of weight loss and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the tips and techniques that are scattered throughout. I think this book has a unique approach, focusing on healing yourself to help you lose weight, rather than starving yourself or joining some fad diet. – Book Sanctuary, BCF Book Reviews

My client Kelly now owns her own spa and is living in her dream location: